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MARCH 26TH AND 27TH, 2015 –
• The summit for female and male managers, entrepreneurs & board members who think out of the box
• Personal and exclusive networking in a luxurious ambience
• Meet people who love to go the extra mile
• One and a half day full of keynotes, breakout sessions and a lot of time to network

There is a new trend reaching from fashion to architecture to economy: Gathering. We know it in the form of crowd funding or crowd intelligence. Together we are stronger and smarter than on our own.  At the League of Leading Ladies Conference we take the time to discuss our visions and how we can implement them together.


The League of Leading Ladies (LLL) conference is hosted by the League of Leading Ladies business club founded in 2014 by 40 international leading business women, in Zurich Switzerland. But the League of Leading Ladies is more than a business club or a social network. It’s a mindset. All of our LLL members want to be One Voice for Women with a Vision. New members can join the LLL by invitation only. The president and CEO of LLL is Swiss business owner Sandra-Stella Triebl.


The LLL conference is public and open to members and non-members, women and men alike. This is not a ladies-only event. Among the participants at this conference are international top speakers, headhunters, politicians and entrepreneurs. LLL wants to keep the conference small, personal, interactive and exclusive, allowing a maximum of 80-100 guests.







We have invited leading thinkers who will share their vision and who are certainly out of the box. They might not all be world-famous, but we admire them and have always preferred substance over publicity.

Keynote Speakers


Dr. Auma Obama

Dr. Obama is on the board of the Jacobs Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to facilitating innovations for children and youth. Since November 2014 she is also a member of the World Future Council (WFC), which advocates responsible and sustainable thinking, as well as action with regard to future generations.

Dr. Auma Obama is a renowned author and gives keynote speeches all around the globe on the topic of ecological, economical and social sustainability with a focus on Kenia.

She is founder and chairwoman of the Sauti Kuu Foundation. The expression „Sauti Kuu“ is of kisuahelian origin and translates to „strong voices“. The foundation aims to give children and youngsters all around the world a voice to help them uncover their strengths and full potential.

Auma Obama’s Website



. EnriqueSteiger

Dr. Enrique Steiger

Dr. Enrique Steiger is a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Traumatology. He earned his doctorate at the University of Zurich, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro. He is Co-owner of “Clinic Utoquai” in Zurich. Since 1989, he has undertaken numerous missions as a physician and delegate for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), UN, OSCE humanitarian conflict regions:in aeras such as Namibia, Angola, Western Sahara, Rwanda, Burundi, Bosnia, Kosovo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Sudan, Chad and Pakistan. He is a Guest lecturer at the Institute for Conflict Research of Political Science at the University of Zurich.
Further more he is an investor and founder of the Swisscross Foundation. Enrique has an overwhelming vision. He will hold a keynote speech about how we could stop the war on earth. „There would be a simple plan how we could contain wars and avoid unnecessary suffering“.
If you like to know more, register for our conference.

Enrique Steiger’s Website




Prof. Noreena Hertz

We make 10,000 decisions a day. 277 just about food. But whilst it doesn’t matter really if you choose a cappuccino over a latte when it comes to high stakes decisions – at home or at work – the choices you make really do matter.
Yet we think surprisingly little about how it is we come to decisions. Instead we typically repeat decision-making strategies that have worked for us in the past. We turn to experts, trust our guts, run options by our colleagues, go with what just feels right.
As bestselling author and professor Noreena Hertz will argue each  of these strategies can lead us badly astray.

In this  keynote speech, Hertz encourages the audience to identify their own potential thinking and decision-making traps and biases, but also lays out the concrete steps we all can take in the digital era  to become smarter and wiser decision makers ourselves.

Noreena Hertz’s Website



Anat Bar-Gera

Anat Bar-Gera

Anat is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of several international telecommunications and internet companies. At present, she is the Co-founder and Chairperson of YooMee Africa.
YooMee Africa provides fast speed wireless Internet connectivity to the people and businesses of sub-Saharan Africa, deploying state of the art 4G LTE network.Prior to YooMee Africa, Anat was a co-founder and the CEO of surfEU, a pan European ISP, which gained 1.5 million subscribers within less than 2 years, and was successfully acquired by Tiscali in 2001.
Anat presents regularly in international conferences. She gave a TEDx talk in Silicon Valley about the magical effect of the internet on Africa, and recently spoke in the United Nations at the World Investment Forum.
She is a member of several Boards and Councils including the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Telecommunications; Entrepreneurship Advisory Council, INSEAD; UNICEF Swiss National Board; Swiss Technion Society Board and the Swiss Council of INSEAD; She was awarded as a Leading Entrepreneur by INSEAD. Anat holds an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, and an LL.B. from the Law School of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Anat will talk about business opportunities in Africa, closing the digital divide share best practice – the time is right.
Africa is booming. The growing middle class, expanding GDP, rapid urbanisation and the young population, all are driving demand for internet connectivity. Still, at present, Africa has one of the lowest internet penetration worldwide, which results in the digital divide. State of the art technology, the 4G Wireless Broadband Internet connectivity, helps Africa leapfrog into the global digital economy and enjoy strong social impact. YooMee Africa taps on this opportunity and is bringing fast speed internet, as well as e-commerce to sub-Saharan Africa.

Anat Bar-Gera’s Website



Our workshops will offer you 90 minutes to really immerse yourself in a topic, guided by our amazing workshop hosts. You can take part in two workshops on Friday.

Workshop Hosts

Diana Vierde Nerto

Diana Verde Nieto

Argentinian-born Diana Verde Nieto is the CEO of Diana studied at the Harvard Kennedy School of Global Leadership and Public Policy. An entrepreneur, change-maker and author, she founded Clownfish in 2002 – a pioneering global sustainability consultancy which was sold to Aegis-Dentsu Group in 2008.

In 2011 Diana co-founded Positive Luxury, a website inspiring people to make more responsible choices without having to compromise on their love for well-made stylish products. Positive Luxury helps brands to unlock the value of their sustainability investment by connecting with and engaging consumers in a meaningful and relevant way. In turn, Positive Luxury helps consumers to discover which brands they can trust.

In 2011, the World Economic Forum in Davos honoured Diana as a Young Global Leader. She sits on the advisory board for the YGL/World Economic Forum community and is a member of the Global Agenda Council for sustainable consumption and Circular Economy.

Diana will be our host for the workshop „The time is right to bring new values to our companies. But how to set new standards and offer new kinds of incentives?“. She will link this topic to sustainability as well as the more emotional side of things.

Diana Verde Nieto’s Website

Watts ChrisChris Watts

Chris Watts is Regional Director Americas, Africa and Arabia and Member of the International Executive Board Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). Chris’ responsibilities cover Switzerland’s promotional activities in trade and investment in 12 offices based at Swiss Embassies and Consulates throughout the AAA region. Before joining S-GE in 2004 he worked for several years in the aviation industry with Swissair Group and Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. where he held the positions Vice-President Network Development and Vice-President External Relations and Alliances respectively. Originally from Zurich, he has lived, studied and worked in Dubai, Cairo, Sydney, New Delhi, Berne and Geneva where he earned a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Graduate Institute for International Studies (IUHEI).
Chris will share all his incredible knowledge in our discussion room about the emerging market Africa.
He will host our workshop: “The time is right to enter new markets in Africa.”

Last year the economies of the 54 countries of Africa grew on average by 4%, compared with a global growth rate of 3%. The forecasts for 2015 indicate a further increase. The proportion of non-African direct investment has risen steadily in comparison to the amount of development aid, demonstrating the growing attractiveness of the continent for investors. At the same time, these funds today originate mainly from growth markets such as China and India and less, as was still the case recently, from the OECD. Let’s discuss together how you and your company can become part of this dynamic new development.

Chris Watts‘ Website


Dr. Reto Schneider

Reto Schneider is Head of Emerging Risk Management at Swiss Re – a true global company and one of the largest reinsurance companies. He joined SwissRe in 1994 after having spent some exciting years in academic research in the field of immunology.  In his current function Reto Schneider is in charge of horizon scanning, he identifies Emerging Risks and assesses their impact on Swiss Re’s business. He is dedicated to make the world a safer and hopefully a better place to live. Beside his work at Swiss Re he enjoys being outdoors, either on water while sitting in a rowing boat or underwater with diving gear mounted.

In the workshop Reto Schneider will provide a short input about the current emerging risks landscape.A selection of potentially emerging risks will then be subject for discussion.You will use a „speed dating“ format to discuss the potential positive and negative impact on our private and professional life and share the insights with the working group. It is not about forecasting the future, it is about sensing signals and try to anticipate what must be managed tomorrow.

Reto will discuss with you topics like: Longer lives – how shall three or more generations work together at the same workplace? Are driverless cars just around the corner and change the world of transportation?  What does human enhancement encompass? Exoskeletons, brain enhancement and egg freezing. What are the issues, what are the trade off’s?

Reto Schneider’s Website


Bea Knecht

Bea Knecht is chairman of the board of Zattoo – the live web TV pioneer in Europe. The founder of Zattoo developed software products for banking, HR and more. Before she founded Zattoo, Bea was Associate Partner at Mc Kinsey. She studied for a BA in computer science at University of California (Berkeley) and has an MBA (IMD Lausanne). Bea is inspiring – and high grade intellectual. With Zattoo she influenced our TV watching habbits and brought our TV experience to the next level.

She will host our workshop: „What’s in IT for you“.

Look around you. Technology is in everything you see. It’s also part of virtually every occupation on Earth. You can’t avoid it. This is for those who want to create IT, manage IT, consult about IT, use IT, or just understand IT. Learn from a startup case example (Zattoo). Contrast this with lessons from established companies (banks and other large enterprises). See how IT professionals run projects and architect systems; how they use teamwork and communicate around ideas and projects; and how they succeed and fail. Avoid repeating mistakes already made. Gain expertise and courage to get involved with, rather than staying away, from IT.

Even if you don’t think IT is for you: Are you interested in the arts? See how IT may be of use. Want to change the world? Start by becoming more tech savvy.

Bea Knecht’s Website


Lencke Wischhusen

Lencke Wischhusen, 29, serves as head of the federal association of Young Entrepreneurs in Germany (DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER) since 2012. In 2010 she started as managing partner at W-Pack, a family-owned business from Bremen that specializes in packaging materials, and runs the company together with her father.
The family-run business achieves an annual turnover of 15 million Euros. It offers both standard products in small quantities and large-scale packaging solutions for companies in a wide range of sectors. The product portfolio ranges from delicatessen bowls to stretch wraps. Besides the headquarters in Bremen, the company has branches in the towns of Neermoor, Wolfen-Bitterfeld, Neustrelitz and Witten. A total of 50 people are employed at the five locations.
Lencke Wischhusen completed her training as wholesale and export specialist at W-Pack before studying economics with focus on business management.
In September 2013 she was awarded the “Hanse-Preis Deutschland” for her socio-political involvement and her commitment for the issue of „generational justice“ in Germany.
From August to October 2014 she appeared on television as investor in the VOX-show “Die Höhle der Löwen”, the German equivalent of “Shark Tank” or “Dragons’ Den”. Since 2014 she also serves as member of the advisory board of the Deutsche Bahn AG.
Wischhusen married in 2014. Lencke is our host for the workshop „The time is right to hand it over to the next generation“ and will give you insights of corporate governance codex in family owned enterprises – and talk about management styles and values of the generation Y.

Lencke Wischhusen’s Website


Dr. Carole Ackermann

Dr. Carole Ackermann, CEO of Diamondscull AG, a private owned investment company, focussed on medicinal and environmental sector. As well CEO of OphthaMetrics AG – a start-up, she used to support as a business angel. Carole is university lecturer at HSG (Hochschule St.Gallen) – and member of the supervisory board of several notable Swiss companies, such as Allianz Suisse. Further more Carole is President of Business Angels Switzerland. She’s an unbelievable smart personality with an impressive charisma –  and loves to share her know-how with us. Carole will host our workshop „How to guarantee fair process and impartial decision making in boardrooms“.

How does the board align the targets of the company, the culture of the company and its discussion and decision making process?

Discuss with Carole the following topics: Are we clear and transparent about the role of the board, the individual board members and their contribution?  How do we reflect about the board processes, its discussion culture, its efficiency, its transparency and its cooperation with management? Are we a good board? How to measure board efficiency?

Carole Ackermann’s Website

Sophie Charlotte AndresenSophie Charlotte Andresen

Sophie Charlotte Andresen, born 1991, is the founder and curator of a digital visual art platform and network. Recently she started working as a futurist and visualist for the Science Fiction movie industry.
Heavily influenced by novelist William Gibson and Swiss artist H.R. Giger, she was already interested in constructing and shaping possible futures since her early school days. After spending 4 years studying law school, political science and social anthropology at University of Zurich, she decided to leave the academic life behind and moved to Berlin, focussing on her online art & design projects.
Today she is being booked as a creative consultant and visualist by leading Hollywood producers. And we’re happy and proud to announce that Sophie will be creative consultant for Steven Spielbergs next big Hollywood blockbuster called „Ghost in the Shell“ with Scarlett Johansson (will be at the movies in 2017).

Sophie Charlotte Andresen will be leading our workshop on future generations:
„Generation Y – where we go different than our predecessors.“
What are the needs and the values, what are the goals of the Generation Y and how ambitious is this generation? What do they need to perform within a company? Do they share the same philosphy of success like our generation does? Will they need a different kind of leader? Sophie will discuss that with her workshop participants, giving the audience insights how careers like hers can evolve nowadays.

Sophie Charlotte Andresen’s Website

Benjamin-RoemerBenjamin Römer

Benjamin Römer, entrepreneur to the core, founded his first business, an event agency, at the age of 17. Now he is able to look back at more than 20 years of professional experience successfully managing important accounts with both German and international companies. A sampling of employers includes DHL, Roche Diagnostics, Novo Nordisk, Bayer AG and Deutsche Telekom AG. His greatest achievement was the foundation of a publishing house for special interest supplements for German high-quality newspapers, such as the Financial Times Deutschland, Die Welt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Benjamin is a certified trainer specialized in sales and self-development as well as career planning and talent management. At he now advises renowned companies on employee-friendly strategies and provides them with efficient workplace solutions. His main focuses are the reconciliation of work and family life, work-life balance and family support services.
In his workshop “The time is right to take demographic changes seriously and support employees to better reconcile work and family life” he will first summarize the consequences of demographic changes. Taking into consideration the reconciliation of work and family life, he will then discuss effective solutions for all workplaces, including senior care, childcare, pet care and social counselling. Known as an energetic and emotional presenter, you will enjoy a very productive workshop with Benjamin. With the motto “You get everything you want, if you help people to get what they want” he will provide participants with concrete measures to motivate and retain good employees.

Benjamin Römer’s Website




This year we are auctioning a beautiful Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Evo Tec BigDate with 56 diamonds worth CHF 11’500.-

Auction start: 18.3.2015 – 07:00am o’clock
Auction end: 27.3.2015 – around 3:00pm o’clock at the League of Leading Ladies Conference 2015

Name of the watch: Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Evo Tec BigDate
Retail Price: CHF 11’500.00
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PLEASE NOTE: Biding by email is open until 26.3.2015 12pm. After that time the highest bid will start the live biding auction at the League of Leading Ladies Conference 2015.

Good Luck

Legal notice:
The highest bid we receive until the end of the live biding Friday, March, 27th, around 3:00pm o clock, will prevail (up front email bids are open until March 26th 12pm). The purchaser will be required to make payment in full within five (5) days following the close of the auction. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids.
The auction shall be conducted on a continuous basis by accessing the website located at

All decisions are final. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.


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